Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello again!

Thank you all who attended "Not Super Saturday".  Now that we've gotten our feet wet and realize what we did right and wrong, we'd like to offer a make-up / saw the item in real life and wished you had ordered it / need more Apothecary Jars cuz they were so darn cute / day on November 19th starting at 12:00pm until the late evening.

We're offering again the:
Set of 2 Wooden Pumpkins - $15 for 2
(btw, these would look great with Thanksgiving-ish paper on the flip side)
Wooden Christmas Tree - $7
We Can Do Hard Things - $7
Please Excuse The Mess - $8
I Am A Child Of God - $9
Ruler Growth Chart - $13
Apothecary Jars - $26.50


Please email your order or questions to

We've changed the Apothecary Jars a bit for the better, hence the price hike.  An option to bring home your own gorilla super glue (everybody transporting their jars home while the glue was still wet made me very anxious) contributed to the higher price as well.

Black Jars

For aesthetic purposes, we've added a base to the bottom of the jar attached to the candlestick, along with the option of a square base.  Please specify what types of bases you want for the bottom i.e. 3 square bases, 2 square and 1 circle base, etc.

Black Jars

We're offering a smaller jar so that the set is tiered.

White Jars

Cream Jar

Black, White, and Cream paint will be offered.  If you want to bring your own colors, feel free.  These would look great if they were red or green.

And our newest addition for $6 each:

White Little Jar

Little Jar

Both Little Jars

The perfect little gift for neighbors, ladies from church you visit teach, etc.

 Also available for $5:

Santa's Key

The key is for Santa to enter into your house if you are without a chimney.  The back of the picture includes a poem about Santa having no problem entering as long as you leave a key for him.

Everything can be made at home (with the exception of the ruler since it requires a paint pen).  If you can't stay to craft, but would like to order something to pick up on that day, please add $1.50 to your order.  The additional $ covers the added expense of to-go containers, brushes, etc.

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